Domain Workshops : Making Guarantees of Origin and Electricity Disclosure in Europe more reliable

Final RE-DISS Conference

The Final Conference for the project was successfully held in Brussels on the 12th September 2012 in the premises of VREG, the Flemish energy regulator.

It gathered more than 60 participants representing competent authorities for GOs and Disclosure, the European Commission, market parties and their representatives, NGOs... and triggered interesting and focused exchanges.

The conference evidenced how the RE-DISS project helped avoiding about 150 TWh of double counting of RES attributes thanks to actual improvements in Member States.

The conference will also displayed the most significant outcomes of the RE-DISS project:

  • Guidelines for a sound implementation of the requirements of the RES and IEM Directives on Guarantees of Origin and electricity disclosure
  • How to reduce disclosure errors: the most efficient measures
  • Residual mix calculations: a transparent explanation
  • Recommendations on how to use the RE-DISS project results

A final version of the Best Practice Recommendations was circulated for comments shortly before the conference and is available here.

The RE-DISS team would like to thank all participants and especially the representatives of the competent authorities for their active involvement throughout the project.

Past events and documentation:

RE-DISS for beginners: During the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, on the 20th June the RE-DISS team organised a workshop for energy stakeholders on the main challenges of disclosure.

A sixth Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on the 28th June 2012 in Brussels.
This wokshop gathered competent bodies from Wallonia, Flanders, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. After an update on the recent changes in the national implementations of GO and disclosure frameworks, the participants discussed the results of the calculations for the 2011 residual mixes and the underlying methodology. Additional requirements for Best Practice Recommendations were agreed on concerning criteria for the mutual acceptance of GO and recommendations on Cooperation Mechanisms. A presentation was made on the contents of the RE-DISS II proposal to the 2012 IEE Call. More details can be found in the minutes of the workshop which are available to partner countries in the reserved area of the website.

A fifth Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on the 20 October 2011 in Brussels

This workshop gathered quite a large assembly : competent bodies from 13 Domains, plus representatives from BEUC, the European association of consumers, RECS International, the Association of Issuing Bodies, EREC. Tom Howse from DG ENER was present in the morning. After an update on the situation regarding transposition of the directive 2009/28 in the countries that were represented, the discussion focused on the treatment of pumped hydro, on the 12 month lifetime rule in relation to the calculation of the residual mix, on the CO2 claims linked to the cancellation of a GO (if any), and on additionality issue. More details can be found in the minutes of the workshop which are available to partner countries in the reserved area of the website.

A fourth Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on the 30th of May 2011 in Brussels

The workshop started with a tour de table on the status of implementation of the transposition of the new RES directive (2009/28) in the countries represented. Then the discussion was centered on the results of the calculation of the residual mixes in 2010. A presentation was done on the possibility to create a single hub for all exchanges of GOs in the EU on the basis of the AIB hub which is already regrouping the countries exchanging GOs under the EECS format. Finally, the relevance for the RE-DISS project to work further on GOs for RES-Heating and cooling was raised. Participating domains will ponder on the issue.

A third Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on the 11th October 2010 in Brussels :

The workshop started with a tour de table where all participants reported the recent changes and developments on GO and disclosure in their countries. Then the potential elements of the best practice recommendations were discussed, particularly the 12 months lifetime rule for RES-GO, the extension of the GO system beyond RES and CHP and the proposal of GO as the only tracking certificate. The last part of the workshop was dedicated to the calculation of residual mix.

Presentations are now reserved for Competent Bodies that are participating in RE-DISS and can be downloaded from the partner section in the workspace

A second Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on 8th July in Brussels :

A first Workshop for Competent Bodies was held on 20 May in Brussels :

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