What was the RE-DISS project Phase I about ?

The RE-DISS project phase I lasted from 15th April 2010 until 14th October 2012. RE-DISS I resulted in recommendations on how to implement and correctly use guarantees of origin which are the disclosure tools that were created by the RES Directive and the Cogeneration Directive. It resulted in important improvements in the electricity tracking systems (guarantees of origin and disclosure) in several member states (for more information, cf RE-DISS final report). This section of the website archives the events organised during the project and the documents produced within this phase I.

What were the project objectives?

  • To support Competent Bodies across Europe in exchanging experience in implementing GO and disclosure.
  • To identify potentials for improvements in current tracking systems and demand for cooperation across borders.
  • To agree on a best practice recommendation for tracking systems which can be applied across Europe.
  • To support the participating countries in actual improvements of their GO and disclosure systems.
  • To promote the Reliable Disclosure approach in other European countries.

The project aimed at the following long-term objectives:

  • reducing significantly the double counting of energy issued with Guarantees of Origin across Europe;
  • increasing the accuracy and reliability of disclosure information provided to European electricity consumers; and
  • giving additional green electricity production in Europe a true market value

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